Tuesday 21 February 2017

Spring has sprung near Hay-on-Wye

The contrast in the weather this last weekend compared with my previous post was remarkable... weather so much milder and bird song filled the garden once again. Our lovely Song Thrush with the most extraordinary range of notes & sounds certainly outsings (if there is such a word?) all the garden birds...there is certainly more than one pair in the vicinity which is wonderful.

I even managed to cut all our grass for the first time this year...spurred on by hearing our neighbour's tractor mower thought I'd make the most of the mild & dry spell.

I love this time of year where little green shoots start to appear...even more fun is seeing this garden properly at this time of year and noticing more where clumps of Snowdrops are appearing. Last year we had only just moved and I seem to spend the first month or two immersed in boxes & trying to unpack. This year hoping to give more attention to the garden.

We have quite a ragged looking boundary "hedge" on the upper part of the garden - a mix largely of Elder & Hazel which I also pruned back in hope of helping it to thicken it up a bit towards the bottom.

Hoping that we get some more fine weather this coming weekend so I can get outside to do more...watch this space ☺


Midmarsh John said...

It is great to see Nature waking from its Winter sleep.

Miranda Bell said...

Thanks John, I love this time of year.