Thursday 16 March 2017

Far-reaching panoramic views across the hills near Hay-on-Wye

I hadn't planned on a posting quite so soon, but had to share the views from this evenings walk!  We have some stunning scenery around here and everything is so accessible - a half hour hike up the hillside from where we live to views like this - we are very spoilt!  The thick layer of white fluffy clouds on a base of much darker clouds was interesting - it looks like snow capped mountains!

Hay on Wye...glorious in Spring

This past week has seen warmer weather return to this beautiful part of the UK. The daffodils have finally cone out & the almond blossom all fully out now is looking a picture.

The birds are starting to build nests now although I'm sure both blackbirds & thrushes have secretly built theirs' already! It's been great to see a wider variety of birds feeding this year - Siskins being one noticeable addition (liking the Niger seed).

We made our first trip up Hay Bluff this week to mark our Wedding Anniversary...walking up in cloud...this cleared as we left the top...the views spectacular with Buzzards & Red Kites soaring above us...even the Skylarks could be heard above the noise of the wind!

The full moon this week has been amazing...with such dark skies here you get an incredible view of all the stars too.

As for work in the garden... I have started clearing one of the main borders which is completely choked up with Ground Elder...not a fun job but it will look great once finished and re-planted. This is just an excuse for some plant buying this space ☺

This was taken at the top of the hill where we live - beautiful sunny morning looking out towards the Radnor Hills... hoping you have a good end of the week and that this lovely Spring weather will continue :-)